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This girl is generally pretty well behaved. She has moments when she get’s stressed and anxious, but they are thankfully far and few between. When this girl and Master are together, this girl knows that she is free to express her views, to be who she is. Well this is true within limits, ones that He sets.

Master is in charge, He knows what He wants and knows His own mind.

Of course, all human beings need help and guidance as they are follow life’s often difficult journey. This girl has plenty of life experiences and likes to  share them. Sometimes girl’s views on how He should deal with issues are welcome and sometimes they are not. Sometimes, it is just about speaking out of turn, being a little too sarcastic. Or else saying something that Master is not yet ready to hear.

Whenever this girl oversteps the mark, in Master’s view, she is accused of being bratty. Of being unruly (whatever that is meant to mean). The funny thing is that the definition of brattiness changes from day to day, situation to situation. This girl hardly ever knows where she stands on these matters. She doesn’t know when her views will be welcomed and when, she is just being bratty.

Punishment for being bratty is not severe, perhaps it is a spanking. Or perhaps it is just being restrained, put into cuffs, a collar or harness. Sometimes it is a grin and a question “Are you being bratty?” A girl never knows.

Being described as bratty is, this girl believes a way of reminding her who she is and who He is. There is rarely consistency in what is defined at bratty or what the punishment for it should be, but then that is of course up to Him.

He is the master and makes the rules. No one says those rules have to be the same each time. Anyway, they certainly keep this girl on her toes.

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