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No need for a suit

So, here’s the thing. While I have to agree that a man in a suit can look pretty darn sexy, actually it is not the suit that makes the man.

I haven’t seen Master in a suit since they are consigned to the working wardrobe he no longer needs. No doubt if I saw Him in a suit, it would be a great turn on, especially if it were well cut and it fitted Him well. But actually I don’t need that.
The whole dynamic when He is clothed and I am naked is pretty much enough to send me to my knees. There is something very erotic about being instructed to undress, knowing He intends to remain clothed (at least for now). It usually means He has a plan to use some of his toys on me, perhaps to restrain me, perhaps dress me in a collar and harness. Maybe He is thinking of inflicting some pain, perhaps He will use the violet wand. Part of the fun is in the anticipation. I love the feeling of His hands on my bare skin and if I can feel the edge of His shirt cuff too, then all the better. But there is no need for Him to be wearing a suit. Oh no, no need at all.

3 thoughts on “No need for a suit”

  1. My Master wears suits sometimes. The first time I had a real punishment, He had worn a suit that day. I didn't get to see Him in the jacket when I arrived, but with the pants, the shirt and rolled up sleeves it took everything in me not to attack Him. Gawd, He looked yummy. And it really helped set the tone.

    I agree though. Him dressed (in anything) and me naked definitely puts me on my knees.

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