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Happy slave, exhausted Master

This morning this girl awoke quite early. Master opened His eyes briefly and this girl asked Him if He was still tired.

“Exhausted” He exclaimed
“Why?” this girl asked
“That mammoth fuck” was His reply, along with the fact He has had something of a stomach bug this last week.

But, yes that fuck was mammoth. In fact it was in three parts.

On Friday night this girl cooked dinner and afterwards we sat at the table chatting and listening to some music. Master got up for the table, went to His bag and returned with a leather harness. This girl stripped off and Master framed Her breasts between the straps, tightening the buckles at her back and front, and tying the collar. He took some photos, which no doubt will appear somewhere at some point. We moved into the living room and this girl spent some time kneeling on the floor sucking His cock. Master likes to look at and feel His property, to get her back into the right frame of mind. This was especially the case given that this girl had managed to get herself into a stressed state the previous evening.

Later in bed, Master took possession of His girl, claiming her body and taking a number of orgasms from her.

In the morning shortly after waking, this girl was instructed to suck His cock and then to get on top of Him and ride. He asked this girl if she wanted to cum, which of course she did.  He started the count at 20! That man knows how to tease a girl, one who is currently riding His cock. And especially when at 8 He began to stroke her clit and one nipple. Fit to explode she just about managed to hold on till He reached 0. She was rewarded shortly afterwards though when this girl was allowed to lick her juices from Him and to receive her prize.

There was of course much more to the whole thing than that. For a start there were lots and lots of orgasms which always impairs the memory.

This morning there was more cock worship, more riding Master and more orgasms. There was also time spent discussing our relationship and the ways in which Master has trained this girl and the ways in which she is developing into the slave He wants. 
This afternoon Master measured this girl’s neck………..

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