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Random facts

I am essentially short on new ideas for posts right now, partly due to the busy nature of my life currently  – a constant juggle of work, family and enjoying myself with Master, leaves little time or energy for writing. I know that this will pass (it always does) and soon enough I will have the burning desire to share something meaningful here.

Meanwhile, taking a lead from tori, I give you 12 random facts about me, 6 vanilla and 6 kinky:
  • I have a constant battle with my weight, when I set my mind to it I can stick to whatever diet I am following, but my mind keeps wandering….
  • I love to travel and visit new places. Beach holidays have never appealed, my skin is too pale and freckly, and I struggle to sit still for long without getting bored. At last though I am with someone who doesn’t want to spend all day on the beach or by a pool.
  • I am much better at putting things off than getting them done. Having said that, putting other things off helps get blog posts done. That’s why I haven’t been posting here so much – I have been far too busy to procrastinate so the blog suffers instead.
  • The best thing about commuting to work by train, which I have been doing for the past 20 months or so, is that I can spend much more time reading. I often have a few books on the go, both fiction and non fiction.
  • I would like to live abroad, maybe in France when I have done with working. I need to improve my French though, something I am trying to do.
  • It is 35 years this October coming since I started my nursing career. I might not work clinically any more, but I use the knowledge I gained as a bedside nurse every day.
  • Pain is not a large part of our dynamic, ours is more about power exchange and control. To think I used to hate being told what to do – still do depending on who is doing the telling.
  • I get a thrill from wearing as few clothes as possible. I love it when Master slips His hand under my skirt to feel my bare bottom when we are out.
  • The best things ever for me have been my piercings. They have enhanced our sex life in a way neither of us expected.
  • Being restrained is both calming and erotic. Spreader bar, cuffs, whatever. I just love them.
  • We have spoken lots about going to a club to play. I hope that happens soon.
  • Message to Master – I am ready for that collar…..
Now I just have to get my finger out and write a regular post or two.

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