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All about the gold

You can thank tori for this post. Like her, I have been short of ideas for blog posts, but unlike her, the whole kink of the week thing is new to me. But having read tori’s post today and then finding where kink of the week lives, I find this week’s kink is a topic I should blog about, so here goes.
As a nurse, I have been covered in a number of bodily fluids – many times before we wore gloves for everything and afterwards.  Since to be honest, blood, poo and piss doesn’t always trickle out of a person. Often it shoots or spurts. I have no particular fear of bodily fluids of any kind. Of course being at work is different from being covered for any kind of pleasure, even when you are kinky. Certainly blood and poo or scat are substances I am happy not to be covered with. But I have no fear of urine and definitely none of spunk, infact the feel of being covered with something hot and sticky, or hot, wet and with that tell tale smell of uric acid is a positive turn on.
It could have been the first time that Master and I played (or if not, it was soon after), that He watched me pee into the toilet. He told me He preferred me not to close the door; infact that might have been one of the first rules.
But it was some time after, that He had studied my kinks on Fetlife in detail that any kind of piss play took place. Even now, though we both share this kink, we have not indulged all that much. But I do know that this is a major thing for Him. He loves to watch and He loves to feel me pee over Him. He loves even more to cover me with that hot, yellow liquid. So far, I haven’t gone as far as to let it fall on my face, or into my mouth, but I would, if He asked told me to.
As a young nurse, I did get squirted in the face, and as a mum with a baby boy too. It wasn’t about kink it was about life, something to laugh about and say ‘oh yuk’.
Now Master is the boss and if He decides to pee on my face, well i might still say yuk and laugh. But I will relish the power He is exerting over me. Plus, to be honest, I do love Him watching me and enjoying that rush of gold as it gushes forth, onto the ground, into the bath, the toilet or onto Him.

7 thoughts on “All about the gold”

  1. Nice post, and it is new to me as well Kink of the Week, not participated before,

    Interestingly enough, i really find it difficult being watched whilst im peeing, im used to it by now but its still…odd, i suppose that i prefer being pissed on lol


  2. Great post! I have found that taking things in stages is the way to go, I will take in my mouth but I'm not keen on swallowing much (although you will see from my post that I have been made to swallow some). In the end it all comes down to whereever you both feel happy and comfortable! The fun is in the experimenting!

    Velvet c

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