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Letting go

There isn’t so much going on around here right now. By here, I mean the blog rather than real life, thats a place where things are pretty busy. Who knew I would go from someone who rarely went anywhere or did anything (except go to work or see family) to someone who was rarely found chilling out on her own couch. Having said that, I am here tonight and I have to say I am enjoying the novelty.

In her most recent post Jz talks about the fact that she and BG don’t ever have vanilla sex, and that their D/s dynamic is always present in their lives. I can identify with that and probably it is what appeals to me most about the relationship I have with Master.
We are not living any kind of 24 hour lifestyle. I am not sitting at His feet, nor am I waiting for permission to do what I need to. But actually I am His slave all of the time. I am mindful of who and what I am and I am there when He decides He needs me and my body. Having said that He makes His body available to me too and loves it when I take the initiative to say suck His cock as happened yesterday morning. He loves to use my mouth to get Him ready to reclaim another of His holes. Also He loves that sucking Him makes me so wet, as it did then. He loves to push Himself inside me and to reclaim his property, something He feels important when like us you don’t see each other for several days during the week.
Yesterday morning though it was after that as at His request (I say that since there is no need for insistence) I mounted Him and impaled myself on His very hard cock. This is, I think the favourite position for us both. Him because it gives Him access to every part of me. Me because the sensations can be amazing.
And so it was that at some point during proceedings I became the kind of incoherent wreck of a slave that I turn into when He ties me up and flogs me. Master knows that as the orgasms come thick and fast I lose all sense of reality and control of myself, something He really loves.
On the surface sex such as we had yesterday could seem vanilla. Only though if you turned the sound down on the scene and failed to look in the eyes of the people involved. His Dominance and her submission are ever present. And for that submissive, being able to let go like that is something she really values in this relationship. That and the feeling of His Dominance which pervades through all that they do together.

4 thoughts on “Letting go”

  1. Love your perspective…… vanilla sex it may appear but the bond, the hold, that grabs you must is the Dominance from Him. He has control as you let go. Love!

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