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The joy and the pain

I am not alone in having a rule within my Master / slave relationship that underwear is only worn with permission when we are together. This is something I have embraced even when it makes me feel open and exposed. After all, that is the point. It serves as a reminder to me about who I am. As well as offering Him open access to my body as and when He wants it. Over the winter, I have to admit that my naked body has been covered more often than not by trousers and jumpers. And, when wearing a dress, by opaque tights. So the trip to Spain and the rising temperatures after the first couple of days meant that once again I could wear just one item of clothing and my shoes.

On these occasions Master loves to get His girl to expose herself to Him and to take her photo. As He has here. The photo on the left was, as you can see, taken by the side of the road. We were high up in the hills having stopped to take a look at the views. These were great despite being shrouded in some mist. Shortly after the photo was taken, a group of boys enjoying a Sunday morning walk turned the corner.

It is the riskiness of these situations that gives me the most excitement, exhibitionist that I am. The photo on the right was taken an hour or so before, while we looked around the excavated ruins of a Moorish city. The place was full of tourists, even though you can’t tell from the picture and therefore the risk of being seen while a slave exposes herself to her Master is high. It is climbing steps though, when the breeze catches that I find most pleasurable. Especially when a hand is placed on your bottom in pretty much full view. Yep, it is true, this slave is a slut!

But walking around in a hot place, wearing no underwear can be painful. Or rather the after effects can be. Later that day we walked around the town of Cordoba, enjoying the start of the Easter parades and for the first time on the trip the temperature rose to close to 30c. I am not the slimmest of people, so chafing is always a concern but also standing around in a hot place I began to perspire.
With no underwear to absorb the sweat I felt moisture running down my groins and then the tops of my legs. The result was that by the end of the day I had sore groins and I felt compelled to ask for permission to wear underwear for the next couple of days while things healed. In future, I am going to take with me a little rescue pack – some wet wipes, moisturiser and some pants – I love to be the slut Master wants, but the pain of sore groins and chafed upper legs is not the kind of thing I really enjoy.

2 thoughts on “The joy and the pain”

  1. 🙂
    I love not wearing undies, although I started this on my own before I met him, he loved it so much that he decided it would be best if I coninued.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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