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a girl’s slavery

A few weeks ago we registered this girl as Master’s slave. Interestingly around a similar time to fiona.  Even though the decision to make this girl His slave came many months ago, Master and this girl have taken their time in working through the details. There has been a contract since last summer and in the autumn the slave bracelet.

This is of course partly because at the time the relationship was a polyamorous one. Plus there were so many things going on in this girl’s life.

All relationships need time to develop, and this one was no exception. Now though, this girl believes we are ready for the next steps. Registering as Master’s slave was the first of those.

For some time, this girl has been asking Master for a bit more control, perhaps some more rules. She is mindful that His previous slave was particularly high maintenance and that He is a person who doesn’t do micro management. In the main, she is able to manage herself during day to day life. But she does feel that too often she still does things without consulting and checking He would be happy. She often doesn’t ask permission to do things, but still tells Him her plans. This girl thinks that this is the area of her life that needs to change, just a little.

We don’t live together, so this is not a 24/7 relationship. But Master’s influence is present in her mind most of the time.

As this girl moves towards the day when Master collars her, a review of the rules within which she operates see to be a reasonable idea.

We are going on holiday in a week and will be gone for two weeks. This feels like a good time for evaluation and renegotiation.

This girl is definitely ready for that next step in her slave journey.

4 thoughts on “a girl’s slavery”

  1. woo hoo

    congratulations, seem much the same us in respect of micro-management, not something we do, he expects me to know what is acceptable and what isnt, without me having to ask permission for every damn thing lol

    Do you think 24/7 is on the horizon at some point?


  2. I am pretty sure micromanagement will never be on the cards. This is not a just in the bedroom type relationship, but as for 24/7, I am not sure. At the moment there are no plans for us to to live together, but in the future, who knows.

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