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Tori’s questions

Tori has given me three questions to answer, so here goes

1) Describe one of your most favourite scenes so far?
I think some of the early play times remain my favourites. This is partly because it was all so new and I never knew what he was going to come up with next (still don’t, though I know what is in the ‘toy box’ as it were. Those first couple of play dates – first time being put in a spreader bar, being zipped, the violet wand plus being flogged by him, will always be the most special. Mind you, there are also times that something new arrives, like the great long pink thing he likes to use for DP. It is like a big pink snake and while I like the idea of it, when it is inside you it feels like you are being forced open. Never a dull moment!

2) in what area do you feel you have grown the most?

The key thing for  me is about the extent to which I have been able to give up control. I have gone from someone who was often overwhelmed by the sheer weight of the whole world upon her shoulders. Someone who never felt properly relaxed, to someone who no longer needs to know what they are going to be doing or how they will get there. I have found that the act of submission frees me from the feeling I need to be everything to everyone. Instead I concentrate my efforts on one person and it is he who worries about the rest. Giving up control came piece by piece, but with it came a happier, more fulfilled human being. Plus, I think the knowledge that the power he has means to much to him just adds to that feeling.

3) what do you really want to try kink wise, but havent yet?

I feel I am ready to play in a more public place, say at a club or party. I haven’t done it yet, and to a certain extent it feels like a very scary thing to do. But probably it is something I should do. We have joined a new local munch and from chatting to others there, are looking at some possible places to go to. So, I guess watch this space. 

5 thoughts on “Tori’s questions”

  1. Thank you for answering in such detail.

    It is obvious you have come a long way in what seems such a short time, confidence etc, when it can at times be over whelming and daunting, long may it continue.


  2. Yes, I have come a long way tori, and at times it hasn't been easy. But I have to say I am really happy I am on this journey.

    Glad you enjoyed reading sub hub xx

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