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Questions (and answers)

I didn’t really get involved in the March questions and answers thing last year. It was around the time that Master and I had just got together and for me there were way more questions than answers in my own life.

Things are different now. I am happy to answer pretty much any questions any of you who lurk, visit, leave messages etc. may have. Plus, if you have a question for Master, I am sure He will be happy to give you the benefit of His wisdom, knowledge or opinion.

So, ask away……..

March 9th update!!

Ok, so it seems that I have a terrible memory and I did answer a number of questions. My whole head must have been in some place last March……….

1 thought on “Questions (and answers)”

  1. Im so behind in catching up, and i do like to ask questions, coz im nosy lol..well its just nice to encourage interaction.

    So here it goes

    1) describe one of your most favourite scenes so far?

    2) in what area do you feel you have grown the most?

    3) what do you really want to try kink wise, but havent yet?

    feel free to ask me anything, although i am backlogged lol so might take a while to get around to


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