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Cum bunny

New title for this girl over the weekend. It would be true to say that she first coined it for herself, but it stuck. If there is one thing He likes, it is to take orgasms from His girl. He loves the power He has over them. That it is He who gives permission and who has the control, after all He is the owner of them. It is He who determines the type of orgasm, whether stimulation is involved and then of what. The girl is merely His toy, His plaything, His slave.

So here is the thing, how much of an orgasm is physical and how much of it is in the mind? We were discussing the different types of orgasms this girl has given her Master over the past few days. The ones which involve penetration, and so originate from the g-spot. And those have direct stimulation of the clitoris are most definitely different in their feel and intensity than those brought on by say nipple stimulation. The feel of Him filling her, while her muscles contract around Him just feed into the orgasm. For Him, well He just loves the feel of girl’s muscles contracting as she cums.

But then there is the power thing. He loves to count down, starting at 10, or 5 and then tells this girl to cum. Sometimes this doesn’t work as they both might like, but usually she is suddenly gripped with the feelings of an impending orgasm, and finds her hips arching and moisture oozing from within. It is getting on for a year since He first began to experiment with girl in this way and if anything it has led to a greater intensity in the orgasms than ever before.

When we are apart it is rare for this girl to need to orgasm, occasionally He tells her He wants her to orgasm, perhaps when she is wearing her plug. But she rarely seeks permission of her own accord. Personally, this girl prefers to cum in His presence, at His hand or spoken command.

This girl knows that Master loves how multi orgasmic this girl has become – indeed she is now His cum toy; cum bunny.

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5 thoughts on “Cum bunny”

  1. Hi Julie,

    I was watching something on TV a little while ago that discussed new research into the clitoris and female orgasm. What it showed is that female orgasm is similar to the male orgasm and exists for the same purpose. That is to get the sperm inside the cervix to increase the likelihood of becoming pregnant. It showed that the clitoris and the erectile tissues in women were far larger than the external presentation and extended into the area around the vagina. It seemed to support the existence of the g-spot in that the erectile tissues of the woman were located near the top of the vagina.

    They also had a test subject who agreed to masturbate to orgasm in a MRI. They did two tests. One with direct stimulation (took about 5 minutes), and again with no stimulation other than thinking about it (took about 40 minutes). That seemed to confirm that coming on command and being able to orgasm without stimulation was indeed possible and proved scientifically. Just got to work out how to get paid to do research like that. DtBHC.

  2. Thanks DtBHC, that is really interesting. It doesn't take me 40 minutes to cum without stimulation, but it might do in those kinds of circumstances. Interesting topic 🙂

  3. Julie, i owe you an apology, i missed your question you asked in a comment, im working on it now, probably wont get published until Monday.

    anyway not intentional, sorry

    Hope your both having a wanderful time away


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