This girl and her Lord

At last work is over, this girl’s mum is on the mend (she will be home from hospital tomorrow) and the holiday time can begin. Yesterday, she spent time catching up with things at home, paying bills, doing some last minute shopping before packing her bags and leaving home for two whole weeks.

There was one last thing to do before this girl went to Master’s house and that was to visit her mum in hospital. Mum has struggled with the realities of being confined in the hospital. Probably because unlike when she was in before she was actually ill and this time she really isn’t. This girl has to admit that she isn’t sorry she will be away and that her brothers will have to take responsibility over the coming days. She has a real need now to break away from these responsibilities for a while. She needs the slave space and she needs this extended time with her Lord.

The evening was relaxing – dinner, wine, chatting, music. It was fairly late when we went to bed, so this girl imagined that we might go to sleep quickly. But she imagined wrongly as Master decided it was time to reclaim His girl and remind her of who she was, what she was and her role in this relationship.

As Master stroked the body of His property and her hand felt for His growing cock this girl began to feel the stresses of the past couple of weeks evaporate. He demanded orgasms from her and to be honest she had no power within her to resist, even if she had wanted to. The power exchange during those moments is almost palpable.

This morning Master picked up where He had left off. His mission to get this girl to squirt continued as He spent time examining her, stroking and fingering her and then fucking her. It hasn’t quite happened to Master’s satisfaction yet, but this girl has a feeling that a big gush is not far away.

We spent time discussing the dynamic between us, about the feelings that this girl’s slavery and Master’s dominance have on each of us. How this girl loves the way Master uses her, the way in which by calling her this girl objectifies her and in turn how that arouses them both.

Master likes to be this girl’s Lord and she is increasingly comfortable calling Him just that, since it is Who He is.

We leave tomorrow and as suggested by tori, there will be a kinky photo blog of our travels, with a few words thrown in.


I have the urge to write this week as I manage the stresses involved in preparing for time away from work, home and family. I can’t wait to be away from those things and into a world where Master and I are together and I can be His slave for 24 hours a day.

Right now there are lots of reasons why time following the rules already set down would help me get myself back into a good place again. That is without any thoughts of new rules or suggestions instructions about how to move on with certain aspects of my life which are in the offing. As Master has said on a number of occasions, you need to be careful about what you wish for.

Mum is still in hospital, though her discharge is imminent. She has done well and the idea that she will return home post hip replacement while I am away in a foreign land fills my brothers with fear. At the same time I feel relief. Since my dad died she has had me on some kind of string which, while it has improved our relationship has at times been unhealthy for me. They need to take more responsibility and boy will they get it. I am sorry to say that my mum is a trifle difficult and at times not even a nice person. If this sounds unpleasant I am afraid to admit it is. But she is my mum and I am prepared to put up with her caustic tongue and demands in the main. But having Master help establish boundaries is a great help, for all concerned!

Work is busy. This is the busiest time for it –  our financial year ends on 31st March. Plus we are heading into an election and for those of us working in the public sector is means a period of storm before a calm and then hell……. We are sadly subject to politics and while the day job goes on, policy stops and then starts with vengeance once the election is over. We can only hope for continuing calmness in the coming months, but I won’t hold my breath.

Hubby no longer lives here, nor does my son who happily is living in domestic bliss with his girlfriend. So the time to finally sort out the house nears. Plus we are getting close to 2 years of separation so a divorce looms. Energy is needed and will be found for that last push.

So that leaves Master and I.

We are two people of middle age who enjoy each others company. When we are out together most people wouldn’t have any idea that the dynamic between us is any different from any other. Maybe people (if they notice) might wonder why I, as a woman of a certain age wear no bra. They probably won’t realise that i wear no knickers. Not that I particular worry about these things, given that I am so slutty. The time away in Spain will allow me to start to reintroduce dresses rather than the trousers and jeans that have been a feature during the winter.

Further, when Master hands me a ticket to pass through a barrier at the station, and I then hand it back to him, will go un noticed. But I am not permitted to carry such tickets (Ok, so the oyster card is different since otherwise we wouldn’t be able to travel around London).

When we are out for dinner, I rarely order food for myself and never wine.

The dynamic we have is now a natural one for us both. I am available for Him and He accesses my body when He wishes.  I am respectful and will generally be calling Him Master rather than Graeme.

But I do seek more, probably need more.

This time together will help us to determine what that looks and feels like for us both.

This is a break away from the world that we both need. Plus we will have some great times, of that I am sure.

I am taking my phone, camera and iPad. I plan to post a little, perhaps some photos and a word or two here or there. Maybe this will be a travel blog with a word or two of kink for a while. That might be fun too.


In my job, I work closely with midwives and obstetricians and so had heard about this from them. But today I read this article in the London Evening Standard. Apparently, here in the UK, a woman with genital piercings is now classed as being a victim of female genital mutilation. Even if she herself chose to have that piercing. In turn the piercer is conducting a criminal act.

Am I missing something here?

My understanding is that female genital mutilation (FGM) is the removal of all or part of the external genital organs of a woman (or girl). Prevalent in parts of Africa, the Middle East and Asia, it is often carried out during childhood, perhaps before age 5. This is about gender power and equality and the way in which girls and women are viewed in some societies. While it might be about power, it is not about consent.

In London, where I work the population of women from Africa, in particular has grown greatly over the past few years. In some London Boroughs women from Africa, the Middle East and Asia outnumber women from Europe, including the UK. This problem is prominent and quite rightly the government, through the health service is trying to help. It wants to identify those affected and those at risk.

Maybe wearing a bar in your clitoral hood is a sign of abuse somewhere, but not here.

I don’t want to think I can’t go for a cervical smear because someone is going to suggest that I am a victim of FGM. I might want to have other piercings and I don’t want to have to go abroad for them because everyone here is refusing to perform them for fear of prosecution.

My piercing might now be a sign of my slavery to Master. But I was the one who decided I wanted it done and I was the one who consented to it. I am no victim and the person who pierced me was no criminal.

a girl’s slavery

A few weeks ago we registered this girl as Master’s slave. Interestingly around a similar time to fiona.  Even though the decision to make this girl His slave came many months ago, Master and this girl have taken their time in working through the details. There has been a contract since last summer and in the autumn the slave bracelet.

This is of course partly because at the time the relationship was a polyamorous one. Plus there were so many things going on in this girl’s life.

All relationships need time to develop, and this one was no exception. Now though, this girl believes we are ready for the next steps. Registering as Master’s slave was the first of those.

For some time, this girl has been asking Master for a bit more control, perhaps some more rules. She is mindful that His previous slave was particularly high maintenance and that He is a person who doesn’t do micro management. In the main, she is able to manage herself during day to day life. But she does feel that too often she still does things without consulting and checking He would be happy. She often doesn’t ask permission to do things, but still tells Him her plans. This girl thinks that this is the area of her life that needs to change, just a little.

We don’t live together, so this is not a 24/7 relationship. But Master’s influence is present in her mind most of the time.

As this girl moves towards the day when Master collars her, a review of the rules within which she operates see to be a reasonable idea.

We are going on holiday in a week and will be gone for two weeks. This feels like a good time for evaluation and renegotiation.

This girl is definitely ready for that next step in her slave journey.

The joy and the kink of the missionary position

If you had asked this girl about the missionary position a few years ago, she might have rolled her eyes. Most if her sexual experience, what there had been of it, had been spent there. That isn’t to say other positions weren’t attempted, but it was the preferred position of the husband.

Not so much submissive to this girl, as a complete bore!

Who knew though, that a girl on her back, legs spread, could be the slut she is: In the missionary position? What is more, there is nothing boring about it.

He spread girl’s legs and examined the labia He owned. Then He leaned down and claimed the clit with His mouth. He nibbled and he licked. She felt His teeth, she felt Him suck. She moaned with pleasure. They both knew, however that orgasm was a while away. Moments later, He plunged His fingers into the damp, hot pussy. He worked her now as He rubbed the clit. Suddenly He spoke.

“Who do you belong to?”

“You Master”,   she replied

“Who owns this girl’s body?”

“You do Master”

“Who’s cunt are you?”

“Your cunt Master”

“Who are you”?

“this girl’. “Yes”. He said. That is your slave name.

“This cunt,” He reminded “say it’…………….      “this cunt”, she repeated.

“Come cunt”

Master counted His cunt down, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 

she came, on command. her hips arching, body writing.  She couldn’t have stopped herself even if she had wanted.

Then, He thrust Himself into Her. As she lay there on her back, legs spread, ready for Him, as He released Himself into Her.

This was missionary position sex, but not as she knew it in the past. 


Some things that are important here:

1) This girl is a cunt or any other name He chooses
2) This girl is now an owned and registered slave (more of that later).
3) This girl’s slave name is: this girl.

Just when you start to get complacent

Something happens.

The past few weeks, probably since Christmas have been great. I have settled into a routine which mainly involved working most of the week, spending my day off with my mum and weekends with Master.

This weekend coming though, I thought it would be nice to take mum to a town near where my brother lives and stay in a hotel – Sunday is mothers day here. I did that, forgetting that Master had booked us tickets for a concert. He was very understanding.

Sadly, the concert will win.

Mum is in hospital, having fractured her hip last evening. She is fine following surgery but her special weekend is off. I feel sad that the new outfit she bought on Monday and the hair cut she was due to have tomorrow will have to wait. But am happy she is doing ok post surgery.

The trouble is that having got her back on her feet and helping her to regain her confidence, after the last hospital stay, it all begins again.

I guess that is life!


I came across this on tumblr earlier and reposted it there. Since then, these words have had me thinking. They have given me cause to consider the person I am now and the one I have previously been. It would be safe to say that in the last few years of my marriage, I was pretty much Mrs angry. I am sure all of these words were used by me, in answer to something my husband said at some time or other. Often they were uttered under my breath. But there were occasions when I spoke them more loudly and with some meaning. Our ability to communicate was sadly lacking, though I think underneath we both knew what was meant. None of this was one sided, but I have to admit I am not necessarily proud.

Of course, that relationship was long standing. We had been through many ups and downs together, but the big problem at the end was a lack of respect for him. That isn’t to say there weren’t other problems (there were and they are too numerous to mention), but I think that was at the root.

My current relationship with Master is new (yes a year is new), but we came to it later in our lives. Plus the dynamic is different and respect for each other is both central and key to how we treat each other. The way he looks at me, touches me and speaks to me is different to anything I have experienced before. That has made me feel different as a person.

I often choose a blog title before I begin writing, though sometimes I change it after I finish. This one though – karma – sums things up, and I won’t need to change it.

The Wikipedia definition of Karma is:

“action, work or deed; it refers to the principle of causality, where intent and actions of an individual influence the future of an individual. Good intent and good deed contribute to good karma and future happiness”

Perhaps a fly on the wall who heard Master calling me his slut or his bitch might think that there is no good karma going on with us. Equally when I beg him for that orgasm. Or when I am tied to the bed while I am flogged, perhaps that fly might think there was no respect in this relationship. But while this is a relationship built on a preference for kinky sex, on a desire to give and receive pain, and one where Dominance and submission is paramount, friendship and love are paramount.

He takes care of me in a way that no human probably ever has before and I seek to do the same. If I don’t like what I think he is saying then I question it. If I don’t want to do something I may say no. Of course, I might in the process be called bratty. I might not actually get any response. But that isn’t because he doesn’t respect me. Instead it is because I have chosen to be his slave and I have agreed to trust him to make the right choices and keep me safe. And I do.

Tori’s questions

Tori has given me three questions to answer, so here goes

1) Describe one of your most favourite scenes so far?
I think some of the early play times remain my favourites. This is partly because it was all so new and I never knew what he was going to come up with next (still don’t, though I know what is in the ‘toy box’ as it were. Those first couple of play dates – first time being put in a spreader bar, being zipped, the violet wand plus being flogged by him, will always be the most special. Mind you, there are also times that something new arrives, like the great long pink thing he likes to use for DP. It is like a big pink snake and while I like the idea of it, when it is inside you it feels like you are being forced open. Never a dull moment!

2) in what area do you feel you have grown the most?

The key thing for  me is about the extent to which I have been able to give up control. I have gone from someone who was often overwhelmed by the sheer weight of the whole world upon her shoulders. Someone who never felt properly relaxed, to someone who no longer needs to know what they are going to be doing or how they will get there. I have found that the act of submission frees me from the feeling I need to be everything to everyone. Instead I concentrate my efforts on one person and it is he who worries about the rest. Giving up control came piece by piece, but with it came a happier, more fulfilled human being. Plus, I think the knowledge that the power he has means to much to him just adds to that feeling.

3) what do you really want to try kink wise, but havent yet?

I feel I am ready to play in a more public place, say at a club or party. I haven’t done it yet, and to a certain extent it feels like a very scary thing to do. But probably it is something I should do. We have joined a new local munch and from chatting to others there, are looking at some possible places to go to. So, I guess watch this space. 

Cum bunny

New title for this girl over the weekend. It would be true to say that she first coined it for herself, but it stuck. If there is one thing He likes, it is to take orgasms from His girl. He loves the power He has over them. That it is He who gives permission and who has the control, after all He is the owner of them. It is He who determines the type of orgasm, whether stimulation is involved and then of what. The girl is merely His toy, His plaything, His slave.

So here is the thing, how much of an orgasm is physical and how much of it is in the mind? We were discussing the different types of orgasms this girl has given her Master over the past few days. The ones which involve penetration, and so originate from the g-spot. And those have direct stimulation of the clitoris are most definitely different in their feel and intensity than those brought on by say nipple stimulation. The feel of Him filling her, while her muscles contract around Him just feed into the orgasm. For Him, well He just loves the feel of girl’s muscles contracting as she cums.

But then there is the power thing. He loves to count down, starting at 10, or 5 and then tells this girl to cum. Sometimes this doesn’t work as they both might like, but usually she is suddenly gripped with the feelings of an impending orgasm, and finds her hips arching and moisture oozing from within. It is getting on for a year since He first began to experiment with girl in this way and if anything it has led to a greater intensity in the orgasms than ever before.

When we are apart it is rare for this girl to need to orgasm, occasionally He tells her He wants her to orgasm, perhaps when she is wearing her plug. But she rarely seeks permission of her own accord. Personally, this girl prefers to cum in His presence, at His hand or spoken command.

This girl knows that Master loves how multi orgasmic this girl has become – indeed she is now His cum toy; cum bunny.

March Questions – We are happy to answer any questions you might have about us and our relationship, so ask away

Questions (and answers)

I didn’t really get involved in the March questions and answers thing last year. It was around the time that Master and I had just got together and for me there were way more questions than answers in my own life.

Things are different now. I am happy to answer pretty much any questions any of you who lurk, visit, leave messages etc. may have. Plus, if you have a question for Master, I am sure He will be happy to give you the benefit of His wisdom, knowledge or opinion.

So, ask away……..

March 9th update!!

Ok, so it seems that I have a terrible memory and I did answer a number of questions. My whole head must have been in some place last March……….