Master reads this blog. Indeed He doesn’t only read it but scrutinises it and commits much of what I write to memory. He remembers so much more about the things I have written here than I ever do. You see, essentially I write in the moment. I usually start with a title and some kind of idea of what I am going to say and then just let the thing flow. Occasionally I know exactly what I will say, but more often than not, what emerges is a little different from what was planned.

Not only does He read my blog, but the comments. Plus, if people comment, He often reads their blog too. He has a reasonable amount of time on His hands, but in the main He does this because He is interested enough in me and my thoughts to read not only what I say and think, but those who visit here too.

I have no problem with this level of scrutiny, after all I led Him here (and to my previous blog) in the first place. We often discuss my blog posts and the comments, we discuss what might have been on my mind at the time and what has happened subsequently. Having come from a relationship where feelings were not discussed without raised voices, this is liberating. Nothing is off limits here, but I know that if I write it and it hasn’t already been discussed then ultimately it will be.

This morning I took this photo.

Master hangs these lovely floggers and other similar things to the end of a wardrobe in the play room in His house. They haven’t been used in a while, but when He feels the time is right again they will be and when they are used, I will probably write about it here and He will no doubt want to talk about what I write.

Since I started this post without a clear idea of where I was going, other than the photo. I guess I will just have to wait and see where it ends once He has read my words, analysed them and discussed them with me.

I have an idea, but only time will tell.