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A special day?

You can’t move in and outside of the shops for examples of ways in which we can all make today special – flowers, chocolates, champagne.

Last evening, I took these two photos while shopping for birthday presents for my son. Selfridges certainly looked a picture and no doubt many these beautiful flowers have now been given as gifts to loved ones. I love flowers including roses myself, but prefer them to be seasonal, and local. Unless we are talking snow drops then better to wait for spring or summer.

It is not the fact that it is St Valentines day that makes today special for me.

For me it is the lunch I just enjoyed with my son on the eve of his birthday. Me listening to the plans he has for today, about the wonderful way his relationship with his girlfriend is developing. Our discussions about his impending move from home and of my own future plans. Sitting with him, the young man I brought into the world 24 years ago tonight and feeling proud of the person he has become. Knowing he is happy that I am developing a new life for myself.

It is also about the morning I spent in bed with Master.

Any day that starts within Master’s fingers stroking my clit so that He takes His first orgasm from me quickly. That moves on to Him telling me to spread and Him taking me, possessing me and reaffirming His ownership. Next me on all fours and Him taking His bitch. Me stroking the shaft of His cock while He moves in and out of me, my pierced nipples rubbing on the bed and giving Him yet another orgasm. Then time spent together just enjoying each other’s company, chatting, laughing.

Yes today is a special day a beautiful day with or without the commercialism of St Valentines.

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