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Spreading out

It is so nice to have the entire bed to yourself. Then of course, you can spread out!
I am getting used to living on my own and sleeping on my own. Master and I spend the weekends together and when it is possible, a day in the week. Hubby hasn’t spent a night at home for a couple of months. He remains cagey about the relationship he has with his ‘lady friend’, but since he is about to introduce her to our son, I can only assume it is a little more than he tries to say. Then there is my son, who is 24 this weekend. He has been spending very little time here and is finally going to be moving his things over to his girl friend’s flat next week. Then this nest will really be empty.
So decision time approaches about what to do with the house – I favour selling up soon. Mean while though I can wander around naked, or half naked and spread my self and my legs wide. 

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