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My favourite thing – 400th post

In April 2012, new to the world of BDSM and fresh from my first D/s kind of encounter I started a blog which I called “world of joolz’.

Almost 2 years, what feels like a world away from those days I am writing my 400th post. Here on MPB.

Of all of the things I have done in that time probably the thing that means the most to me and indeed to Master are my piercings. I call them mine, but of course, they are His, since these nipples belong to Him. As does the whole of my (or this girl’s) body.

I had wanted to do something like this for some time, indeed S and I had discussed such things. But it wasn’t something I really took too seriously.

When Master and I discussed a permanent sign of my submission though, and the idea of piercings came up I knew pretty quickly that this was right. Even though we both said at the time that they were for me, because I wanted them, we knew that they meant a whole lot more. The jewellery worn in my piercings are still essentially the collar I constantly wear. They are a sign that I am owned. That He is my Master and I am His slave. It doesn’t matter that others don’t usually see them. They are there and we know it.

For this occasion, my 400th blog post, and because the right nipple is now properly healed, I am wearing something I haven’t worn before. A celebration nipple jewel!

4 thoughts on “My favourite thing – 400th post”

  1. blimey how time flies,hardly seems that long at all im sure.

    and what a long way you have come in that time, many good times, and some not so much….wishing much more good times in the future


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