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Exposing myself

Over the past week I have posted some very personal photos which in turn reveal intimate details of my life with Master in a way that words don’t.

I think that my ability to do that comes from the fact that I am happy with the relationship I have with Master right now and that He wants me to show this side of myself. A number of the photos were taken by Him and have already appeared on His Tumblr blog.

He is keen for me to be relaxed in my body and often my nakedness so that I can be the slut He wants. For most of the past year it has been an expectation that I wear no underwear when we are together unless I expressly ask permission. As a middle aged woman, this has taken some getting used to. My body remains reasonably for a menopausal woman of my age and while I am not in any way prudish, it takes guts to overcome years of wearing underwear and to relax enough not to care about what people see or know. Increasingly I am of the opinion that most people are so self absorbed that they don’t notice others. Difficult to acknowledge when, like me you notice others, but I think this is the case.

Being available for Him to touch and to get pleasure from my body is important to Him and so to me. By agreeing to become His slave I handed over the power and responsibility for what happens to my body to him. I trust Him to keep me safe, but also have the knowledge that arousing Him is also likely to turn me on. More than that, He is committed to me giving myself to Him in all ways.

Today’s photo was one I sent Him when we agreed I would become His slave. You will see that I still have very little hair. That situation has changed and is another rule.

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