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February photofest – Day 8 – Master’s Kinks

Master is helping me find out so much about myself. Who knew I would love wearing the leather harness and spanking skirt as much as I do. I am so happy that His kinks and mine match up so well.

Next challenge for me is to take all of this out of the privacy of our homes, or a hotel room and into the wider kinky world.

6 thoughts on “February photofest – Day 8 – Master’s Kinks”

  1. wow love this MPB, absolutely gorgeous looking…lucky girl getting to wear it…hope you feel just as good when going out into the kinky world…smiles

  2. One thing that occurs to me is that I might not always be aware just how difficult it is for girl to comply with. My instructions. I am always pleased when girl complies, however.

  3. Actually you are pretty good at helping girl overcome her nervousness. Anyway, seeing your excitement on days like the one in this picture helps a lot!

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