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February Photofest – day 3 – Bare

Given the subzero temperatures right now, I am pleased to say that this photo was taken early last summer. We were out for the day at a beautiful country estate and gardens on a warm and sunny afternoon.
It is a rule that when I am with Master, I don’t wear underwear without permission. He prefers to have easy access to my body and I am happy with that particular situation. There is something both thrilling and scary about being almost naked in public, what is more, feeling His hand on your bare bottom as you stand in close proximity to other people is very arousing. 
In this photo we were hidden from others, but of course, ran the risk that at any moment someone could come into that particular building and see what Master was taking a photo of. During these cold days, I look forward to a time when it is warm enough to bare my arse in public again. 

3 thoughts on “February Photofest – day 3 – Bare”

  1. Although i dont consider myself an exhibtionist i do enjoy being exposed outside, my worst fear came true a while back when we were caught in publicm with me on my knees drinking his piss, it was in the middle of a wood at night, someone was walking their dog and were stood by watching….i was mortified lol


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