The O thing

So here is the thing. Orgasms for me are very important.

Of course they are for every girl aren’t they? All of us submissive girls crave an orgasm and when we are denied, well we can’t cope. Or so it is said.
I am really lucky. My Master believes that an orgasm is important to a girl, and releasing it and giving it to her Master is vital. When that girl has spent years hardly knowing what an orgasm outside of masturbation is, then she deserves to release those orgasms to her Master. This is my situation.
Within my marital relationship, orgasms for me were the exception, rather than the rule. This is not due to any kind of orgasm denial, but rather hubby not understanding how a woman’s body ticks.
Over the past 5  years or so, I have learned more about my body and what it is capable of than during the previous 30. While this is a fact, it is also something that Master struggles to deal with.
Girl on the net asks in her most recent post, what is your number? How many men have you slept with? Because I met my husband at a young age and slept only with him before my marriage, my actual number is 3.
But there were a couple of other men on top of this who helped  me understand what an orgasm was about, even if i didn’t actually have sex with them. So I can’t count them as a number.
Do I feel sad that I have had 3 sexual partners and at most 6 people who have enabled me to orgasm?
Hell NO!!
It is not about quantity, but about quality. What I can say is that any lack of previous knowledge and experience has recently been replaced with an understanding of what can be achieved. If I died tomorrow, I could do so knowing that I had been fulfilled.
Good sex is important. There were a couple of men, with whom penetration was not part of the sexual act but we still had sex. Those men helped me understand my needs in receiving an orgasm. They also helped me understand how to give pleasure to a man. One of them helped me realise that I was not frigid as my husband implied, but a very sexual person capable of multiple orgasms. Those men helped to pave the way for me to explore the person I am today.
I am a submissive, that I know.
I am slave to my Master.
Most important of all, the orgasms I enjoy today belong to Him and that fulfils me much more than the knowledge that I can orgasm at all. It has been quite sometime since I did so when He wasn’t in the room. But maybe the knowledge that I can do so is enough?

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  1. We have something in common. My ex had me convinced that i could not orgasm, that i too hard to arouse, and just not sexy. Could not quite figure out why he married me…It took Master a while to convince me otherwise….and we are having lots of fun making up for lost time….hugs abby

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