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TMI Tuesday – Old Man Winter

1. Where you live what is the current season?
Old man winter is apparently making an appearance tonight
2. Do you measure/report the weather temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit?
We have celsius here, I like to use it in winter as 0 or minus 5 or whatever sounds good. In summer, I like the sound of 70 or 75 rather than 18 or 23 or whatever it is!
3. Describe your ideal day of weather?
In summer it would be around the 73 mark. In winter, cool but dry.
4. When it is cold outside I want to:
a. Run outside naked because it is exhilarating.
b. Bundle up in warm clothes and take a winter walk – so long as it isn’t too cold and there is neither rain nor snow!
c. Turn the heat up, stay indoors, hibernate until warm weather returns.
d. I do not pay attention to the weather.
5. Do you go “commando” in cold weather or in winter?
I do, but have to admit that is often underneath trousers or some warm tights, but that’s still commando right???????
6. For 10,000 USD Would you rather ride a bike for one mile (1.6 km) in 7 degrees  F/ 14 degrees C weather  or jump naked into a freezing cold Alaskan lake in winter?
The bike, no way am i killing myself in Alaska, cos, that’s what jumping into a lake in winter means. Mind you, wouldn’t you end up skidding on the ice?
7. What is your favorite piece of winter clothing?
My gloves – got to keep your hands warm!
8. Have you ever worn Long Johns aka long underwear or thermal underwear?
Twice, once skiing in the alps and secondly on one of my trips to the German Christmas markets, wow, was it cold!!
Bonus: Do you have more or less sex in the winter months vs. other times of year?
Hard to say. Right now I am getting plenty of sex, but not sure if that is due to the winter or just because Master demands it!
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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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