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All about the girl

At the weekend I was talking to His slut via email about her Master’s desire for her to have a girl to play with. We discussed me writing something, which she is happy for me to do.

The idea of having girl on girl action as part of a play session or just some kinky sex, is something many men seem to want. The girls don’t need to fancy each other let alone be gay or bisexual. What is more, it doesn’t even have to be part of a BDSM thing. Men just seem to find the idea incredibly erotic. To be honest, I do too.

I love the idea of watching girls together, even it being me who is one of those girls. Especially if the action involves providing sexual service to our man. But ideas and desire are somewhat different from reality. I know because I tried it as part of a foursome almost two years ago. I wrote briefly about it, but at the time I was worried those involved in the dynamic might have read my words. Any way I wasn’t all that sure what I really thought about it.

Both of us did what we did because it was what our men wanted. Before hand we had spent a lot of time getting to know each other, chatting and finding out about each others lives and relationships. We both felt confident in our own relationships but weren’t sure about each others. Of course this turned out to be a bit of a joke. In hindsight mine wasn’t as strong as I imagined and I am pretty sure he was ticking another thing off his bucket list. For us both, the idea of sucking the other’s partner, or being fucked by him was less of a worry than what we might be expected to do to each other.

But, while I didn’t feel aroused by kissing her, or by touching her, the fact that our men were aroused by it was a massive turn on. What is more, being touched by her, and her by me was very very erotic. Her fingers were gentle, but she knew where to touch and how. I knewthis experience would never make me bisexual but I also knew that I would probably be happy to do it again.

The girl and I are still in touch and chat from time to time, in fact we did so on Sunday. I doubt she and I will meet again and it is unlikely even if we did there would be anything sexual involved. But we do have a special bond, a special memory which is different from the one the men have or that we have with them.

I am pretty certain that Master will introduce another girl into our dynamic at some time. Perhaps more than that since He has never hidden His own kinks and desires from me. While I find the idea a little daunting, after all, for a year now it has only been us during play and sex. I know I trust Him though, to keep me safe, to do what He considers best for me and us. So I don’t fear what might happen, I know I will probably enjoy it but I also know that I will be doing it for Him and for me that is just fine. I am a slave, but what I do I have consented to and I am happy to do so. Especially if I know it will make Him happy.

3 thoughts on “All about the girl”

  1. Girlgirl must be quite the theme. My Master and I have talked at length about it recently (has always been one of his fantasies). He's not really even interested in watching or being a part. He just knows the idea of it turns me on and wants me to fulfill that desire. I don't know if I will like it though. While I have fantasies about it, I really haven't felt that attraction to anyone specific. But I suppose if the right person and situation presented itself, I would give it a try.

    I'm going to go read the post you linked about your experience:)

    Great post and topic…very timely too!!

  2. It must be the theme. Heard of another slave whose Master discussed a third.

    I love how you came out of the experience. So positive and about how submission and your drive submission made it more pleasurable.

  3. Definitely seems to be the theme of the moment. As little girl says, the idea and the fantasies you might have are one thing. To make the reality match up is the challenge, and your submission can definitely help.

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