January 2015

Week by week

Gradually things with hubby are getting resolved. He hasn’t spent a night here since early December, doesn’t disturb me if he comes in the house… Read More »Week by week

Finding ‘it’ again

Over the past few weeks we have either been to busy or else too lethargic to explore our M/s sides. I haven’t necessarily been unhappy… Read More »Finding ‘it’ again

The O thing

So here is the thing. Orgasms for me are very important. Of course they are for every girl aren’t they? All of us submissive girls… Read More »The O thing

TMI Tuesday – Old Man Winter

1. Where you live what is the current season? Old man winter is apparently making an appearance tonight 2. Do you measure/report the weather temperature… Read More »TMI Tuesday – Old Man Winter

For His pleasure

I haven’t written about much about my piercings and certainly not recently. But events this morning have had me thinking that perhaps I should say… Read More »For His pleasure