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Life takes over

I started a post about last weekend’s kinky events. That was Monday, but so far there has been no time to finish it. This week has been another crazy one. A mixture of work and family with a touch of housework, tree decorating and present wrapping thrown in.

The good thing is though, I now have a 4 day weekend and then one more day to work on Tuesday. Then I get a break until 5th January.

I will just need to juggle family and Master; that has to be easier to balance, doesn’t it?

My mum is proving difficult to keep happy. Not surprisingly, after 50 years of marriage she is struggling to manage being alone for so much of the time. We are trying really hard to manage the situation while spending time with her and doing all of the things she needs of us. The relationship she and I have is usually volatile, and at times her demands feel unreasonable. I am however managing (in the main) to keep things in perspective and to maintain my own need to live my life. I know it is early days, but sometimes she is just like a challenging teenager who only sees her own needs. Master’s assertions that I am doing the best job I can really helps.
So, it is my weekend now. This evening I have time for myself, tomorrow morning time to help mum out with some pre-christmas jobs at her house and then Master and I will be off for a weekend in London. A weekend I would imagine of culture and kink with a fair amount of good food and drink thrown in. It will also give me chance to re-balance my life again. 
The good thing is, I should actually get some time in the next week or two to blog about events. Let’s hope so!

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