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Time, what’s that?

Apparently today is the day of the great cookie extravaganza, it would be lovely to participate. But, firstly I am not a great cookie maker, and secondly, I have barely had time to think this last week, let alone put up a recipe. Having said that, there are loads of great recipes being posted right now, so maybe I will get me some ingredients and make some of them.

When I say I haven’t had time to think, that might not be entirely true, since I spent a great number of hours travelling by coach over the weekend. But the weekend and subsequent few days have been mighty busy. Time now to spend a bit of time reflecting back on that whole time.

This was the fifth time I had been on this particular trip, one which takes around 10 hours to reach our destination. It is time to catch up with some friends, to chat and to eat and drink. It is also time to catch up on sleep, reading and me time. The first two times I did that journey, hubby was with me. The second of those, just after he had found out about S. It now transpires that on that particular trip, hubby misbehaved and started the relationship which he now has (one he still insists is platonic).

Last year when I travelled, a number of people knew about that relationship, I did not. That knowledge made me feel a little strange on this occasion. Strange and a little apart from the group. I enjoyed this trip, but somehow not as much as I have in the past. On the way home, everyone was already discussing next year, new places to see and things to do. I kept quite, I am not sure there will be a next year for me. I think enough might just be enough.

By this time next year, I intend to be living a different life from this one. I fully expect this to be my last year in this house. Who knows if Master and I will still be together, but whatever happens I don’t expect anyone to think hubby and I are still a couple. We aren’t now and we won’t be then. My son has made it clear he would like his parents to sort themselves out and I for one want to have the relationship I want with the man I want it with, as openly as we want.

The past two days have been about my mum. I have spent time with her, taken her shopping and today for a medical examination. I have spent time sorting out yet more of the paperwork which emerges when someone dies and now I want time for me. Time for me and time for Master that is.

I have had very little time with Him this past 10 days or so (and none of it in person). I have had no time to be the submissive I want to be, or to allow Him to be the Master He wants to be. I only have to glance at His Tumblr blog to see some of the things on His mind and to give me a flavour of some of the things I would rather be doing right now.

I am looking forward to that time, Master and slave. Roll on Friday, when we will get that time together again!

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