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Girl loves

To be blindfolded, to wear her collar and to be restrained in some way. Preferably, she likes all 3 at once.
She loves it when Master has blindfolded her and she can hear Him moving around the room selecting toys (sometimes having apparently mislaid them. She loves the element of surprise, even when what appears is less to her liking. For example those horrible clamps He recently used on her labia. 
Being restrained; hands tied, or legs in a spreader bar (or both), somehow make this girl relax in a way she could never have imagined. She is less jumpy, and more able to allow her submission to take over. 
The collar just puts this girl into her place, that special submissive space. The smell and feel of the leather on her skin. The realisation that she cannot move her head as she otherwise might, all add to the peace this girl feels when she is able to submit to His will and His power.
This girl loves all of these things.
Of course, she has no say in what happens. He decides.
Girl loves that very much too.

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