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It’s about the power, the control and the submission

He is not a great one for overt signs of dominance. There are rules, but if they are broken, and He doesn’t consider it serious He is not exactly hot on physical punishment. But in the main, the rules about behaviour don’t get broken anyway, since He has a very strong, but subtle control over me.

That control and the power that goes with it, is something I love so much about this relationship. That and the great times we have together, the advice and support He offers and the way He touches me.
Oh yes, the touch.
This morning, He spent time admiring His current project – the growth and shaping of the bush (the one that sits around the area of His girl’s pubes). He stroked, sat looking and then trimmed it. Then He wrote good girl above it. He also told me how much He loved how my clit is hidden unless my legs are spread. God, no man have ever told me that they love my body in that way.
The things He does, the things he says make me feel so damned submissive.
It doesn’t take play or sex. It doesn’t take a collar or exposing myself in public.
It takes the man – the understated Dominance. The way in which He exerts His power, His control.
I can’t pretend, I love it and love Him.

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