Hard to take

This has been a difficult week in many ways. It is difficult enough for you to manage work, a parent in hospital and ordinary life. Without having to consider some of the realities I do.

Mum ended up in hospital after spending a night and most of a day on the floor. Having fallen over, for some reason she was unable to get up. The busy lives of her children meant that none of us called until she had already been there for far too long. That is difficult to come to terms with. 
For several days she appeared to be recovering from the (as we thought) resulting pneumonia. Only to discover yesterday that actually the pneumonia and fall may have been a symptom for something far worse.
Losing one parent to Cancer is hard to take. But it seems that mum might have the disease too.
Meanwhile I juggle work and caring responsibilities with the life I desire and need. Damn there is barely enough time in a day to put in a day’s work, let alone anything else. Luckily the hospital is close, but that can be a double edged sword when it comes to family.
I long for my day off from caring on Saturday, so Master and I can go out. I feel excited and guilty at the same time!
I never asked for life to be easy, but this really is hard to take!

His play thing

It had been a while since He had played with her and she had forgotten how much she needs such time. She stood naked before Him as He put tape around her to frame her breasts, then more tape across her eyes. As instructed she now lay on the bed.

He secured her ankles in the spreader bar. Though He didn’t restrain her hands, just having her legs spread in that way, was enough.

She listened to Him moving around and then heard the unmistakable crackle of the violet wand, closely followed by the sensation of it connecting with her skin and the smell of ozone. He combed her hair, stroked her arms, and then connected with the clamps on her nipples. She jumped. He connected again and she felt herself pulling away from where she perceived He might put the wand next. At the same time she relished the delicious feeling of tingling pain.

Her best friend the hitachi is applied, and she is granted an orgasm.

Next, and maybe this might seem bizarre, He shaved her bush. Since May, she has been growing the hair for Him. For the most part, since then, she has been taking care of it herself, growing it to His liking. Today though, He decided it was time to shape it, into a smaller triangle. For her, there is something erotic about lying on a bed, restrained and blindfolded while her Master shaves her in this way. She hears Him take the water away, and then a draw opening and closing. Suddenly He is flogging her – mainly the thighs; she cries out in pain. He brings back the hitachi and the pain turns to pleasure, or maybe the pain was pleasure? Who knows.

He tells her to turn over, on her knees, bottom in the air. Suddenly, immense pain – He has clamped her labia. She tells Him that this hurts, fucking hurts! Then more flogging, it is difficult now to know what hurts more, her reddening backside or the labia. Then there is the hitachi again. Damn that man for giving her just the right combination of pain and orgasm so that just when she thinks she can take no more pain it subsides into the distance.

Then the pain is over and she is on her back again. Unrestrained, all her senses returned to her. He is inside His toy. Taking her and also giving her what she needs.

Taking what He needs, but always, always giving.