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Dirty weekend 3 – no underwear

Very early in our relationship, Master informed this girl that she would rarely need to wear underwear when with Him. During the summer we agreed a contract and it was decreed that this girl would need to ask if she wished to wear underwear when together. Over recent weeks time together has been limited and this girl often didn’t even ask, let alone be challenged over what she had on under her clothes.

There was no question that for this weekend, this girl would not only arrive on Friday without bra and panties, but what is more, she wouldn’t even have bothered to pack any.

It is interesting when this girl chats to girlfriends these days. Often they think that she would be spending her life in lingerie shops buying sexy panties, perhaps a suspender belt and stockings for her time with her new Man. But this Master prefers His girl naked underneath her clothes and frankly she is only too pleased.

However, perhaps the instruction for inserting the ben wa balls is better carried out when wearing some kind of undergarment (as our ancestors would have called them). Unless of course you dont want to wonder half the weekend if the one that you didn’t see fall out isn’t lost somewhere in your nether regions. But then, there always has to be some kind of mini crisis doesn’t there?

The reasonable weather and the fact that we were going to be attending cultural events (a show and a concert), lent themselves to this girl deciding against trousers. While Master doesn’t instruct this girl about what she should wear, she is pretty sure that the right choice was made from His point of view. Especially given that this was meant to be a ‘dirty weekend’ and as such Master spent quite a bit of time surreptitiously letting His hands wander to this girl’s thighs and often to touch her (continuously) damp pussy.

For this girl, wandering around wearing just 3 items (a dress and 2 shoes) for a prolonged period of time makes her feel highly exposed. The lack of panties is probably less of an issue as the absence of a bra to lift up her 52 year old tits. No underwear though, means that she is fulfilling her submissive role. It means that she is keeping to the contract, that she is being Master’s slave, His pleasing bitch.

Always ready for His pleasure.

No underwear is liberating. It reminds this girl of who she is and who owns her. Who is in control.

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