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Master’s good girl – Dirty weekend 1

Three nights and almost four days together, what a treat. Time to cover the full range of what you might expect to happen within an M/s relationship. Enough time for a girl to be described as and marked as “good girl”.

If anyone had told me a year ago, that being described in that way would make my juices flow and make me go weak at the knees, I would have laughed in their face.

But this weekend Master marked his girl as such, and what is more, she is seriously contemplating a tattoo above her pubic line, saying just that.

In the last two sentences I flipped from first to third person – this was a theme for me this weekend.  Increasingly though, I refer to myself as girl or this girl and to Master in the way He likes.

What is great about a great weekend away with a wonderful Man, doing lots of great things (kinky, vanilla or whatever), is that it can give plenty of blog material. I have that for this week.

I (this girl) has been Master’s good girl this weekend. What is more, I (she) has lots to share. Watch this space.

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