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Friday – Dirty weekend 2

Sometimes a girl has such a good time that she needs to write a series of posts. The title of this one is dirty weekend. For the first in this series you need to look here.

This girl arrived at Master’s just before 7, slightly stressed – this was because the bag she thought she would take with her for the weekend couldn’t be found and because her busy day had slightly caught up with her. 
Dinner was a thai takeaway; Pleasant if with a slightly overpowering sense of ginger and chilli. The wine was good though and it felt good to catch up on events (including the munch girl hasn’t yet written about). A little later, Master asked “what would girl like to do now”? Like girl had any choice in the matter!
Master thought it would be good if his girl got into her collar and breast harness, both of which require His assistance. What is it about that collar and anything this girl wears with it? Straight into some kind of submissive space is the answer.
The leather collar is both comfortable and restrictive. He tightened it more than usual, but to be frank, it felt right. Coupled with the harness, but otherwise naked. This girl was immediately her Master’s slut, His pleasing bitch.
Make no mistake this is all about His power. He loves to see the look in His girl’s eyes. The one that says, “I’m yours, take me and do with me as you will”. She of course loves to be reminded that she is His slave.
Trouble is, this girl has recently found that once she relaxes in this slutty, submissive way, she begins to feel sleepy. Tonight was no exception and contrary to what you might think, it is perfectly possible to drop off to sleep half naked as described while drinking beer and watching a film.
Still, with a whole weekend ahead of us, there was no need to worry. Master and His pleasing bitch have a great weekend to look forward to.

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