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slave time

Last night this girl was able to leave behind the unhappiness of the past few weeks and enjoy serving her Master. Firstly this girl cooked dinner and she and Master sat chatting as they ate and enjoyed some good wine. Then we put on a film and girl snoozed a little while Master watched. It had been another busy day, but this time this girl had spent much of it cleaning her house – much needed after being home so little recently.

This girl is not quite sure how her need to demonstrate her submission came up as the film ended, but she remembers asking Master if she should go get her collar and that He put it on her. She kneeled naked at His feet, wearing the wide, leather collar and immediately found herself in complete submission. Master played with His girl and she in turn spent some time giving Him pleasure by sucking His cock. This girl is vague about exact events, partly due to having drunk quite a bit of wine, but also because she was overwhelmed with the feelings of submission. Sucking Him gave this girl comfort in a way never previously experienced. Master recognised that there has been little opportunity for this girl to worship Him in this way recently and encouraged her to provide the service He wanted and she so needed to give.

One of this girl’s nipple piercings has healed up – this happened one day when the jewellery fell out and she didn’t realise – Master spoke to His girl about allowing Him to re-do the piercing himself. This girl found herself agreeing and is strangely turned on by that prospect. They discussed the need for this girl to wear some larger rings in those nipples and perhaps in the future to have her labia pierced. Like tattoos, piercings seem to be something that once you have them you want more; girl certainly feels excited at the prospect of more signs of her slavery. Master also thinks that a chain hanging from this girl’s clit piercing would be something that could act as a constant reminder.

Master loves His girl to describe herself as the slut and bitch she is during these times. To tell Him about the way in which providing service makes Him feel. He loves nothing more than evidence that this girl is His pleasing bitch. Which of course she loves to be.

This girl’s lovely Master took her to be and spent the time before they both fell asleep demanding orgasms from her. Something that she needed so much and which even if she had wanted to was powerless to refuse.

More slave time is definitely needed very soon and since Master is staying again tonight, it may well come again very soon.

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