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Over the past week or so I have juggled the need to be with my parents and family with work, home and with Master. Essentially I have spent more time here, with them than doing any of the other things. Dad continues to slip slowly away. The distress he felt earlier in the week is now hidden inside him as his grip on the outside world fades. On Friday, when my niece was here, he definitely nodded and shook his head to some of the things she was saying. But last evening when I was telling him about how my football team had managed to equalise against his, there was no response. His breathing is laboured, and he seems unable to swallow. I guess it won’t be long.

Luckily, my two brothers have been taking their share of responsibility and late on Friday night I escaped to Master’s. I was probably too tired to be much in the way of company and essentially drank some wine, had a bit of a chat and then slept through what seemed like a really great film that I will have to see again. Yesterday morning though, I was able to relax and respond to His masterful ways.

Have I taken the time on here to tell the world how wonderful a clitoral hood piercing can be for the enjoyment of both parties. He says that He loves the feeling on His cock as it rubs over it and I love that feeling too (obviously in a slightly different way). Plus for being on top of Him, and He playing with the metal while I move on Him, well all I can say is the words ‘girl can cum at will’ are gratefully heard. We have been exploring the depth of my submission and the extent to which He can bring me to orgasm to control what I do and say, while I am on top of Him. Gradually over the weeks, this has led me to some new levels of arousal, submission and yes, ecstasy. Gradually I have become better able to talk through my feelings, to express my submission to Him, at the same time as being in  subspace. That woozy feeling has taken on a new feeling. I have learned to completely relax, and to allow my mind to completely empty. He likes to ask a series of questions about who owns me and who I am. During those moments I often can just say that I am Master’s. He loves that feeling of total control and I love the feeling of total submission.

Yesterday morning, this whole process was the most amazing way to escape from the pressures of my life as it is right now and to give myself completely to Him. To be able to go from Julie the daughter and sister, providing that supporting and caring role to the pleasing bitch for her Master. To be able to sit on top of him, to appear in control and yet to be controlled in every way. To be able to submit, to be His slave.

Afterwards we lay curled up together, completely relaxed. I realised that I felt no need to move any part of my body but instead was happy to just be. This is progress for someone as fidgety and restless as I sometimes am and as stressed as I often feel right now.

Sadly the interlude couldn’t last. I had to go off home and do a few household chores and to see my son before heading back over here to spend the night supporting my parents. Over night, listening to dad’s breathing while lying awake in the spare room I was grateful to have those lovely thoughts to return to and to know that there will be plenty more times like that to look forward to.

7 thoughts on “Interlude”

  1. I'm glad you are getting some TLC for yourself. I'm curious about your piercing. Did it hurt? Is it irritating at all? I got my nipple pierced awhile back but I'm fascinated by the clitoral ones. Thanks for sending me the link to your blog. I'm happy to be able to follow you again 🙂

  2. It only hurt at the time, and bled a little. Other than that it has been no trouble at all. The nipples have been much more troublesome and intact the jewellery on one fell out causing it to close, so at the moment just one nipple is pierced. Great that you are here at this new place, Betsy – welcome xx

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