The complexities of moving a blog and other things

Moving the posts from one blog to another was easy, I was able to copy everything across. The difficulty comes with links to other posts within the original blog and comments.

Comments are easy to deal with, they relate to the time when you wrote the post. What is more, I am not sure right now, how much of the blog I will keep in the long term. After all, there will come a point, pretty soon when I want to look forwards and not backwards.

Having written what I just did, well perhaps links don’t matter either. But before I delete world of joolz I will check for any posts I wish to keep.

New to this blog is a specific link to our tumblr blogs. If I were you, I would take a look at Master’s blog. There are a couple of pictures there which are me, his girl, MPB. I wouldn’t be surprised if more don’t appear. That Man loves to get His phone / camera out at some interesting moments.

There is more maintenance to be done done to this blog – I have linked to anyone who I know who has blogged lately, and have told as many people as I can. But if I have missed you off please let me know.

In the coming days I will have more to say about what is going on in my world, sadly it isn’t all good.

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