6 Months

Friday was the 6 month anniversary of the day I met a man in a pub for a drink. That day was cool and damp. The UK had been ‘enjoying’ one of the wettest winters on record and the roads around that village were flooded. We took a little walk around the village to look at the sights – The main attraction, the house of a famous author and playwright was closed for the winter. The two local churches (one ruined), were open and we walked around. The man I met on that day, now my Master, says He felt my submission as we strolled, as He touched me and as we kissed. Certainly something happened.

A couple of weeks ago we returned. We had arranged to meet my friend Destiny and her Master for lunch. We got there early and went to the famous author and playwright’s house. It was a beautiful summer’s day. We wandered around and we sat in the beautiful gardens. As is His way, Master stroked his girl’s leg as we stood or sat together. He likes to remind me of who I am and who owns me at times like that. Of course, I wore no underwear on that second time, and was accessible to Him at all times, that is a rule.
The lunch meeting was pleasant, this was the first time we had all met in real time. It was fun getting to know each other properly and to chat. 
Afterwards we all walked around the church yards and into the churches, Master and I spoke of that day, 6 months before. Master reminded me that He felt my submission on that day, a submission that has grown and that we both feel so intensely now. There were quite a few people around, including of course our friends, but there were times on that afternoon that I felt that we were truly the only people  in that beautiful place. 
On Thursday night, probably already after midnight, we spoke of the journey I have taken since that day, February 1st. We spoke of the ways in which I am different – calmer, more measured in my approach to things. We spoke of my submission which is deeper than it has ever been.
I can’t say how glad I feel I met the man I now call Master and that we found something we both needed inside of us both. 

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