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Rediscovering that special space

It is weeks since this girl has been in a seriously submissive place. Well until last night that is. Don’t get me wrong, this girl has had some wonderful sex with Master since He returned from His travels. Plus last Sunday morning there was a little play session. But on other days over the past 3 weeks, this girl has struggled, as has Master. There has been a lot going on for us both when it has come to life in general and to other people in our lives. Last night though, Master visited this girl in her own home. We ate dinner, we drank wine and we chatted. We also watched TV – mainly the world cup which is almost compulsory for us Brits.

Later in the evening this girl, who was only wearing a little summer dress anyway, stripped naked for Master. As He played with His girl,  she became more and more aroused. As is often the case, the memory of events are a little blurred (and not just because of the wine), but there were a lot of orgasms taken from this girl and given to Master. This girl would call them forced, except it didn’t seem to take much for Master to take them from her. They involved His hands, a very cold beer bottle and then most amazingly His mouth. This girl felt all sense of reality leave her as she found herself floating to a special place she hadn’t been for a while. Subspace.

Master called this girl a number of names while she was there. He told her that she was His piece of fuck meat, His to use. This girl just agreed. She was and is His to own and use as He wishes and she feels blessed that He chose to use her in that way last night. To take her to a place where she was just girl and He was just Master.

This morning in bed, Master fucked His girl’s cunt and then she was rewarded with a mouthful of His cock and then His seed.

This afternoon this girl finds herself in a better mental and physical place than she has inhabited for weeks.  This girl knows too that she can inhabit that place for the next week. Tomorrow we leave for our time away.

Back next weekend.

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