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A weekend that we both needed

This girl is home from a weekend with her Master, a weekend that she needed and maybe that He needed too. There has been no play as such, but what there has been is time together, in each others company. We have spent more time than usual in bed, but not necessarily having sex, though there has been plenty of that. Both Master and this girl have been satisfied.

Master remains jet lagged. This girl understands how that feels, since she herself has been affected for well over a week following transatlantic travel. Added to that, He has been preoccupied with some health issues relating to His other slave. This girl also has been tired after the stresses of managing her own ordinary life. This girl increasingly needs His help to manage her life, but realising this brings its own stresses especially when He wasn’t around to help.

Having down time together was probably the best thing. A gentle, sensual time with just the right amount of M/s conversation, S/m play and then the rest of the time doing pretty vanilla things which we were able to discuss and laugh about.

This girl is home this afternoon feeling rested, relaxed and happy.

There are times in a person’s life when that is all that is needed. Especially when you feel that you have helped another feel the same.

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