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Reclaiming His girl

This girl didn’t really know what to expect, after all He had just spent the night on a plane, flying across America and the Atlantic. This girl remembers the last time she did that, and how she felt. Mind you she did deal with a dying cat that day, while hubby lay in bed. But that is another story.

They had no sooner arrived at Master’s house than He had her on her knees sucking His cock. Reminding her Who owned her and how much she loved to worship.

Then He set about reclaiming the rest of the body that this girl already knew He owned, but which He wished to repossess. For His own.

Within the first hour (maybe less), this girl had also been granted 5 orgasms.

For a while He appeared to be asleep, this girl lay spooned against Him and drifted off too. Suddenly though He was awake and very soon after she was able to take Him in her mouth and to taste His seed. How she relished that after nearly 4 weeks.

Then He really did sleep. For a while this girl, who hasn’t been sleeping well, did too. Then she lay watching him, and later read her book. Being close to Him was all that mattered. During that time this girl found herself relaxing into her submission and thinking about her desire to be His slave.

Eventually though He was awake and Master and this girl spent a good couple of hours just being together. We talked about this girl’s submission and how it had developed beyond what either of us had imagined. But for much of the time, this girl just experienced that whole thing in reality. His touch, His words, the look in His eyes.

His words – “who owns you?”  – “You Master”. “Who are you?”  – “this girl”.

This girl is slave to Her Master, but the finer details of what that means are still to be discussed.

This girl just knows that this is right. For her, for Him. Right now.

This girl feels she has been reclaimed. She feels thoroughly owned.

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