My 300th post, who would have imagined just over 2 years ago, I would reach this milestone.

This girl has been thinking about priorities, about who in her life deserves to come first when she has more than one thing she may need to do at a time. What takes priority, indeed who takes priority?

This girl spent a short time with her Master last evening here, morning for Him. It wasn’t easy to talk, he was preparing to leave the hotel He has been staying in and His slave was with Him. But He has given this girl the time as she had expressed that today and the days till Friday would be difficult for her. Master would like to chat around 10am His time, but that is when this girl gets in from work and usually cooks dinner.

After this girl came off line, she felt that somehow she was doing something wrong. Luckily she was able to chat things through with her friend destiny, who asked this girl about her needs and those of her Master. This girl was clear that meeting Master’s needs would be her preference and by doing that, she meets her own. This girl hasn’t seen her son since Thursday and her husband has just made his regular very early in the morning appearance. Will they suffer unduly if they are made to wait for their dinner, or heaven forbid asked to prepare it themselves? Will this girl feel good if she is unable to speak to her Master just because she didn’t put Him first? The answer of course is no. If her Master would like to speak to her when she gets home tonight then she will be ready for Him. He is her priority now.

This girl’s submissive education continues and this blog continues past the 300 mark.

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