Blog Tour

i so love the idea of a blog tour,  a chance to show people around here and then to point them in the direction of more blogs – those that have nominated and others that i love to read.

Personally i like to think of us in the dream machine (though it actually seems to be called the mystery machine), with shaggy and scooby-doo and that blond guy, but that’s another story. Personally i am more velma than the good looking slim one, but then no doubt velma is the interesting one!

i was invited on this tour by my good friend destiny, her blog Reclaiming “destiny” is just a few weeks old, but already she has shown she has some profound things to say about her thoughts and feelings about her Master and her position as slave to Him. Secondly i was nominated by BetsyT, her blog My life as a sexually submissive woman speaks to me in a many ways.

I recommend both blogs to anyone who doesn’t already visit regularly and read their regular posts.

What is behind this Blog Tour?
It’s pretty simple. Answer the 4 questions about yourself and post the answers on your blog page and then invite a few other bloggers that you admire to join in on the fun and include links to their blogs on their page.

What am i working on at the moment?
It is only a week ago that i accepted my Master’s offer to become his slave. He is currently away so there is lots to be worked on here. Once He gets back in a week or so, i am sure that i will be given much to consider. But already i am thinking about how i give myself to Him completely and allow Him to take complete control of me.

What is more, this is a polyamorous relationship, so there is much to be worked on there. This will be ongoing for some time to come.
Why do i write what i do?
First and foremost i write for myself. To better understand myself and how i feel about situations. This is my submissive journey and a way to document my progress. I am going through some significant life changes, so again i write to allow reflection on that process. More recently i write to allow my thoughts to come to Master’s attention so that He and i can consider and discuss them in a safe place. Finally I do occasionally write so that others can find out something about me. Such as this tour.
How does the process work?
Usually i consider themes or titles during the course of the day, whether when at work, commuting or lying in bed. Then i often begin to construct sections in my head, though that often changes. Sometimes though I have something burning inside me, I sit down and just write.
Usually i write what comes to mind, then spend some time editing and publish. Then i go back and re-edit any typos etc.
Only once have i sent my post to another – this weekend, i consulted with Master about yesterday’s post but only so i could be sure i had the right balance. This is a place where what i write are my own thoughts and nothing written here can ever be a source of punishment. Occasionally I start a post and finish later, but more often than not i write quickly since as mentioned the words are already there to flow.
3 bloggers to invite along that i admire, read and identify personally with:
My lovely friend “pig” (as lovingly described by her Master) from Thoughts from His Slut
little from willing slut
Postscript – Jan 2019
This post was one of the most popular and most read last year. I am not sure what drives the traffic. But if you are here reading, then welcome.


My 300th post, who would have imagined just over 2 years ago, I would reach this milestone.

This girl has been thinking about priorities, about who in her life deserves to come first when she has more than one thing she may need to do at a time. What takes priority, indeed who takes priority?

This girl spent a short time with her Master last evening here, morning for Him. It wasn’t easy to talk, he was preparing to leave the hotel He has been staying in and His slave was with Him. But He has given this girl the time as she had expressed that today and the days till Friday would be difficult for her. Master would like to chat around 10am His time, but that is when this girl gets in from work and usually cooks dinner.

After this girl came off line, she felt that somehow she was doing something wrong. Luckily she was able to chat things through with her friend destiny, who asked this girl about her needs and those of her Master. This girl was clear that meeting Master’s needs would be her preference and by doing that, she meets her own. This girl hasn’t seen her son since Thursday and her husband has just made his regular very early in the morning appearance. Will they suffer unduly if they are made to wait for their dinner, or heaven forbid asked to prepare it themselves? Will this girl feel good if she is unable to speak to her Master just because she didn’t put Him first? The answer of course is no. If her Master would like to speak to her when she gets home tonight then she will be ready for Him. He is her priority now.

This girl’s submissive education continues and this blog continues past the 300 mark.