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The area relating to service is day 11 of the 30 days of submission. I am devoting a whole post to this question because in this girl’s opinion this is the area that there has been the greatest shift in understanding about the role of the submissive / slave. The question is:

Do you include service as a part of your expectations of your submission? How do you define service? What does it mean to you? If not, what is it about the concept of service that is not for you? 

This is what this girl wrote last time:

Our relationship is not about me providing any kind of service for Him other than that i am there to serve His cock. Our time together is precious; there isn’t nearly enough of it. So most of that time is spent doing the things that have previously been described in this series of posts – those things have a high level of sexual content and / or involve me submitting myself to being humiliated.  So i guess that f there is service it is sexual. 

I would happily submit to elements of serving my Sir, but he has said many times that He doesn’t want me to prepare him food or drink, clear up after him or to provide any kind of grooming task. Luna KM has a great article on the meaning behind service here, and it is clear from reading it that this is not me and it is not what He wants. 

This girl has learned over the last few months that while providing sexual service is very very important, service for a person who is in a submissive relationship is not necessarily just about that. Instead service for the submissive is about so much more, and this girl is just beginning to get that message.

Master is interested in every aspect of this girl’s life. What is more, He is interested in knowing and helping her understand that everything this girl does within her life should relate directly back to her submission. Further more that any task this girl undertakes in any context is undertaken for his pleasure. In short this girl provides service to her Master in every aspect of her life.

Ok, so this has been a transitional week for this girl. She started as submissive and ended as slave.  But this girl is not sure that matters since she already understood the concept. But it was not something she understood at all in 2012.

In 2014 this girl expects to give sexual service, that pretty much goes without saying.

But on top of that she will serve her Master in whatever way He wishes. She embraces that everything she does is a reflection on Him and that when she undertakes a home or work based task she does that task with Him in mind. Master believes that taking this approach helps this girl focus and by focusing being more effective and achieving much more. When it is evident that she has carried out His wishes in this way, He is pleased with her and tells her so.

That makes this girl very happy indeed. 


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