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Masturbation month

Just when this girl gets to engage in lots of solo sex activities she finds that May is actually masturbation month. Sadly this girl missed out on international masturbation day which was 7th May, but she has been catching up a little since. As mentioned yesterday, this girl’s Master is quite keen she  makes herself cum as and when she needs to. What is more, this girl’s levels of horniness are at record levels, partly because she hasn’t seen her Master for over 2 weeks and also because of the clitoral hood piercing.

That piercing has healed pretty well and soon this girl will be ready for a new piece of jewellery – she has been looking around on the interweb for something suitable and has a purchase on her to do list today. This girl finds that while she is not aware of the bar that is inserted in her hood, she is very aware of what it does to her. Even when she is not moving, it seems her clitoris is a little stimulated. When she moves though, then it becomes quite stimulated. If she plays with it with her finger, well it is wonderful. This girl is now wet the whole time. This girl has touched herself since she had this piercing much more than she ever used to, in part because she needs to make sure the piercing is clean and healthy looking but also because she loves to feel it. To feel the metal and the secretions it causes this girl to create. She also touches it because she knows Master finds it arousing to know that his girl does such slutty things.

Writing this now, on a Sunday morning in May, this girl is feeling pretty horny and now must get on with masturbating before she gets up and on with her day.

This girl hopes that those reading here have been allowed to cum a little more this month than usual and that some of that has been in celebration of national masturbation month.

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