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Just over a week since the piercings were done and the initial pain and discomfort has settled. Well as far as the clitoral hood goes, there was very little pain once the little bar was in place. The nipples have been a different thing entirely. But even they have settled.

The area around the nipple, the areola, has been a little swollen meaning that the nipple itself looked less proud. But that also seems to be settling down. Giving the opportunity for some gentle play.

Sitting on Sir’s cock yesterday, this girl began to get a feel for just how much these piercings are going to be able to enhance her sexual pleasure and of course the satisfaction He feels. When this girl is penetrated, the little bar in the hood presses onto her clit and gives her the most amazing feelings of arousal. Put that together with a few nipple strokes and this girl is almost begging to cum.

This morning He spent some time just stroking gently, teasing her. She struggled to contain the urge to cum until given permission. He told her that she was one huge erogenous zone.

This girl is sure He is thinking of what He can do to her once she is completely healed. What jewellery they can use and what He can attach to them.

With summer coming, this girl is already looking forward to being out with Him, wearing no underwear. Wondering how He plans to play with her at these times and how the piercings will be involved in that.

It is clear to us both that the level of submission this girl can get to is enhanced by the insertion of a few little pieces of metal to those special places. This girl knows that she will be able to use this to help her remember who and what she is when things get difficult. Plus Sir knows He is going to be able to use them to get this girl into a very good place indeed with very little effort.

So far this feels like a win win.

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