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So they are done. This girl is now a woman who is pierced.

We went to a small tattoo and piercing parlour near to where this girl lives – it would be true to say that this girl was nervous, it felt like a big thing to be doing. It is easy to talk about having something so intimate done to your body, it is another thing actually going through with it. This is something S and this girl discussed, but looking back you have to wonder how serious we really were. People get pierced for lots of reasons, but for this girl it is part of her submission and so while she had to want it to be done so must He as her Master, her Owner.

Sir was with this girl. The piercer told us that he preferred not to have anyone else with him while he worked. We preferred otherwise – a strange man, alone in a small room during such an intimate time. Plus as this girl’s Master He wanted to be there, to see it done. This is just what she wanted too – Him to be there, to see it.

We started with the nipples. this girl stripped to the waist and was marked where the piercing would be. She was then told to lie down and he sprayed an anaesthetic spray which in itself hurt a little. For some reason, the right was more painful than the left, but with in a few minutes the little bars were in place, a couple of small dressings were applied and it was done. this girl dressed again and then stripped below the waist. She felt amazingly uninhibited by doing this whole thing, perhaps it is being over 50, being someone who has had a baby, or maybe it is about no longer caring who sees this girl in a state of undress, especially when Sir is present.

The clit hood piercing was painful. The anaesthetic spray and then the piercing itself hurt. Plus he warned there would be bleeding for up to a couple of days afterwards. There has been quite a bit of blood there, which seems to have stopped, but after the deed was done, there has been no pain.

24 hours later the nipples also feel fine, while confined within this girl’s bra. There has been no bleeding there and they are pretty comfortable. They are looking clean if a little swollen and bruised, but so far so good.

Sir has inspected all of His property’s piercings and is pretty pleased. He thinks they look sexy, and this girl is proud of them

This morning in bed, this girl was able to cum with just a little breast and nipple stimulation. He did not touch her clit or cunt. She was perhaps aroused by the idea of the piercings, plus the small amount of pain in him touching her gently was sufficient to send this girl straight into a very very good submissive place. Accompanied with some wonderful worship of His cock, of taking Him deep in her mouth, of swallowing His seed was all this girl needed for now.

We will have to go gently for a little while, but that will be no problem, He will be away for a few weeks from 9th May. These piercings are not a short term thing for this girl and for Sir. They are an important sign for us both that He owns her, possesses her and will be around for some time to come.

There will be updates in the coming weeks to report on how things are healing. Plus of course, there should be some great experiences to report on in the future!

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