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A dozen orgasms before breakfast

Actually this girl isn’t too sure how many orgasms she gave Sir before they got out of bed yesterday morning. Having used her for His pleasure on Saturday, he seemed intent on playing with her on Monday morning. This girl knows how much it turns Him on, not only to own her orgasms but to make her cum at His will. This girl is hardly going to tell Him to stop, given how much she also loves to cum.

This girl (as she has perhaps mentioned before) used to find it difficult to cum. It tended to take quite a bit of time for this girl, even with a vibrator on full speed over her clit. With Sir, He now just has to stroke her a little or even, we have discovered, place His hand over her crotch and she is able to cum on his count. This girl is required to tell Him that the orgasm is His as she cums for Him and sometimes the feeling is just so intense it is a while before she can actually speak. What is more, they go on for a long time.

So many orgasms, so early in the morning (though over a good couple of hours) set this girl up nicely for the day. They help this girl stay in her submissive place for the whole day, even if we are not together. This is a feeling this girl would like to bottle, so that when she is feeling a little out of control, a little stressed she could easily recapture.

This girl has discovered that inserting her plug helps centre her. Indeed one evening last week, Sir instructed this girl to put her plug in. He sensed in her texts that she was getting a little stressy and needed to remember her place. However this girl does not always have a butt plug handy, and needs to work through how to find her submission in those circumstances. This girl wonders however if perhaps the piercings, which they plan to get this weekend coming, will help.

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