I am a slut

There is no getting away from it, this girl is a slut and what is more she likes to be one.

Yesterday this girl took a half day as Sir was in London, not so very far from where this girl works, on business. They met for a look around some (mainly closed due to it being Maundy Thursday) interesting churches. As usual though even a closed church is interesting with Sir around, plus there are always some hidden places in London that Sir knows and this girl hasn’t yet laid eyes on. There was also a look around the National Gallery, which is always good for an hour or so – Sir imparts some of his art history knowledge, this girl admires or otherwise the paintings, commenting on the ugliness of some of those 18th century women.

This girl was dressed for work. She was wearing a black and cream dress, highly suitable for the business woman about town. She most definitely didn’t look like a slut, but that is what she is. This girl had her bottom and tits felt in numerous places yesterday – churches, churchyards, gardens amongst the Royal Courts of Justice buildings, the National Gallery…. This girl was very turned on by the time they ate dinner. More so because in a pub before dinner, Sir instructed this girl to go remove her panties. Of course she did and then invited much more touching up while they finished up their drinks in that busy pub. This girl was in a fine submissive mood over dinner and did lots of smiling and looking into His eyes but less talking. This kind of behaviour pleases Sir (as previously stated).

This girl and Sir headed off to a final pub for a drink before getting their respective trains. The place was busy so they moved table a couple of times so that they could be positioned for this girl to be the slut she is and so he cold touch what is his. Sir and girl wanted much more from the evening, but since this girl has to go to a family lunch today they couldn’t have it. There is something really exciting for this girl to be used and potentially humiliated in this way though. Something which will add to the anticipation for tonight.

Sir likes this girl to be His slut in this way and boy does being that slut turn this girl on!

Overnight the stat counter turned over 50,000 hits. That seems a large number (though small in comparison to some) over 2 years. I am really grateful that people call by and read the stuff I write and also that people take the time to comment. Keep visiting and keep leaving your comments – I appreciate it. Thank you.