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behaviour change

This girl met Sir in an internet chat room. In that place this girl chatted, not only with Him but with a number of people. This girl has found that she loves to flirt, to scene with Dominant men. That whole thing gives this girl an enormous thrill, even though it is not real life. She likes nothing more than to make out (and sometimes it is real) she is really turned on by a man online. Occasionally though someone you play with online resonates in real life. This happened with Sir and it happened quickly.

This girl can no longer play. She can flirt a little and she can chat, but she can’t scene online with a man who isn’t Sir. He hasn’t told her she must not play. But anyhow, she cannot.

But it doesn’t stop at cyber play. The feelings being in this relationship with Sir bring to the fore in this girl run much deeper. If a submissive woman of a certain age lets it be known on certain websites that she is available, she will receive many approaches. This girl understands that. So, given she is not currently looking for a relationship she has changed her profiles, however it is interesting that so many men still make an approach. This might be because unless you declare yourself in a D/s relationship you are game, or maybe these men just cannot read.

Whatever, not only does this girl not want to play online, but she doesn’t want to be approached by random men looking for an easy woman.

Why doesn’t this girl just quit those sites (as she has done before)? Well actually she has a number of friends she wishes to continue to communicate with in those particular places.

Why don’t Sir and this girl openly embrace their status (whatever that is)? Well actually that is not how they wish to play this relationship. And whose business is it anyway?

This girl will always be grateful for the internet and the things she has learned about D/s and BDSM there. But that doesn’t make her open to all comers. Plus, if she knocks people back, it isn’t because Sir has told her not to do something, rather it is because she and she alone has decided it isn’t what she wants.

At the moment she has what she wants and what she needs. She has that in real life.

New friends however at always welcome.

Your thoughts are always welcome

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