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Happy girl

That is what this girl is; happy.

After the frustrations of Thursday and my post on Friday, things were soon sorted out. In fact He texted this girl before he had read my blog on Friday morning, suggesting He come over on Friday night. Of course this girl jumped at the chance.

Sometimes this girl wonders why she gets so wound up by a situation, though tiredness last week probably didn’t help. Work is busy and challenging and this girl is exhausted by Friday. The good news is from May 1st she is reducing her hours and will only work a four day week. This is going to be important moving forward for all areas of this girl’s life.

This girl cooked dinner on Friday night and then Sir and this girl spent some time chatting and generally groping. There was some very good sex later in the evening. The chat did cover the problems that occured on Thursday and earlier in the week. This girl knows she should deal with them before they get on top of her and will definitely try to do that. What is more, Sir spanked this girl at the beginning of the evening, and that definitely put this girl back into her submissive place.

Before meeting Sir, this girl was invariably up early on weekend mornings, after all what was there to keep her in bed? Weekend mornings with Sir are somewhat different.

This girl no longer needs to jump out of bed. She is not restless or in any hurry to start the day, rather she is happy to just be with Him. In whatever way He pleases her or she is able to do the same for Him, she is just happy to be there. This is definitely new to this girl.

This girl is by nature someone who is often considering the next thing she must do, while still finishing off what she is doing now. It is interesting then, that being in Sir’s presence has such and effect on her. That his very being, puts her into her submissive space. That she is so calm.

This girl has grown used to being in that place of a weekend. On Thursday night she thought she would see little of Him over the weekend and that because of that, she would find it difficult to get into the right submissive space. This perhaps made her a little bratty. It turned out something different happened. But since they can’t always be together this girl needs to think about how to be a happy submissive sub at the weekends even when He is not there with her.

The piercings this girl intends to get in 2 weeks time will help. But that will be another story.

1 thought on “Happy girl”

  1. This girl is you. Submissive space is not outside, but in you.
    Just watch your (this girl’s) restlesness and smile, You have found a place where you (she) can be free of herself.

    You girl, are a lucky girl.

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