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This girl’s submission

It would be true to say that until the past week this girl’s experience of submission and how it can affect a person has been limited.

This statement is made with a little more knowledge than this girl previously had. It is made with the experience of spending six nights and at least part of seven days with Graeme, who will hence forth be known as Sir (or Sir G, or even Sir Graeme if this girl is feeling it more appropriate on a given day).

The learning curve of the past two months has been pretty steep, but it is safe to say that this girl has learnt a hell of a lot about her submission and how it makes her feel over the past week. This girl thinks that Sir had intended to mix up the submission with some bondage, masochism and whatever else He felt like.  But cool weather along with discovering that this girl could be enabled to explore her submission without the aid of toys meant that they didn’t come out of the suitcase (no matter how much this girl tried to persuade Him!)

Of course He was right. One thing at a time here.

The key thing this week was this girls journey into subspace and the opportunity to safely stay in a floaty place for hours and perhaps even days (when she looks back).

The difference between Julie, the career woman, mother, daughter and estranged wife and joolz the submissive was greater than it has ever been. Ever!

joolz, who needs to refer to herself as not just ‘girl’,  but ‘this girl’ or ‘this one’ (she prefers this girl) discovered that she really likes the place that Sir helped her reach. she found that He will look after her while she is there, ensure she is safe and he will take her to the places they want or need to visit. He will make sure they are appropriately fed and that since they were in France that they have beer, wine (and water or coffee as appropriate).  this girl discovered that she can do the same things she ever did on holiday but without the need to take control at all. Save the fact that this girl in a submissive place speaks somewhat less and is more relaxed, no one who knew her would even know. But and this is a big but, this girl knows and Sir definitely knows. What is more, this girl likes to be in that place and Sir enjoys her being there.

The more this girl finds her submission, the more Sir finds his dominance and in turn this girl relaxes more into her submission. And so it goes on.

Along with the submission is sexual desire, of a kind that this girl has not really known before. Suffice to say This Man turns her on very very much.  this girl finds the submission erotic and so does He.

This girl will need to discuss the orgasm situation next………..

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