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Sir and girl

It is interesting how over time you can get used to new ideas so that they start to become second nature. How you can start to view yourself and others in a slightly different way, especially as a relationship develops and you get to know more of each other.

So it is that when she is in the right place, when she is joolz, it has become second nature to not only refer to herself as girl but to think it too. This is what He calls her and, even though she is far from being a girl, if he views her in that way, that is what she is. Increasingly she can move herself from being Julie and slip into girl mode. Indeed increasingly she doesn’t want to be the person she was at all (with the exception of being at work and being mother or daughter). This feels like a big change over the past 7 weeks or so. 
Finding your place in the world of submission is pretty easy when you are involved in a scene, when you are in bed together, or even just face to face. Finding that place when you are faced with a range of problems that life is trying to throw at you is something else. What girl is trying to do though is to take a more measured approach, to be mindful of what who she is and where she wants to be on this journey (ok so she failed the other day when faced with a stressor which sent her into a weird place).
The next thing is about what to call the Man she is submitting to. The Man who she has given great parts of herself to. The Man who on here she is calling Graeme (since that is His name). Again, in the midst of whatever you are doing together it is simple to refer to Him in the way He would like, as Sir. It comes naturally to her. Getting to the point where she feels ready to call Him Sir all of the time is something else.
However, girl is feeling more and more that she is ready and that it is just a matter of time before she things about him and refers to Him at all times as Sir.
This to girl is about trust and about acceptance. Giving up her body to Him seemed somehow easier than essentially giving up something deeper. Thinking about Him as her Dominant, her Sir outside of the bedroom (as it were) is a big thing. Something quite new for this particular girl. It is about the whole of her submission, it is about giving it all to Him for His safekeeping.
That trust is there though and so is the emotional attachment that seems to be necessary. 
Sir and girl are off on a short trip together over the next few days and girl is pretty sure that by the time they return there will be no doubt in her mind about her place and her ability to recognise His.
joolz will return to this place next weekend.

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